Voices of Whittier                                                                                Past and Present           

Voices of Whittier                                                                                Past and Present           

ca. 1887-Present

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Make your voice heard, and make history.  One of the challenges of recreating Whittier's history is capturing the voices of those who have passed on, and understanding what it was like to live during their era. 

Social media empowers us to make our perspectives heard today, tomorrow, and after we have passed away.  Please comment on this post to share your experiences in Whittier, and/or your family's story.  Your post can be a short one or two sentences, or a lengthy 500 word post.  All contributions are welcome!  Topics you may consider are: Guirado Elementary School, Murphy Ranch, Leffingwell Ranch, Jimtown (the community), the Citrus Industry, the Chicano movement in Whittier, 2006 school walkouts, and anything else you can think of.

Through the community blog, we can create and share a virtual time capsule that will record our family's stories and our own.  We can also use this space to help us empathize with our neighbors' experiences, and understand how we can continue to improve our city together.


Note: To comment, click on the box below that says "Comment" and a space for you to write will appear.  Also, please "like" this page to increase awareness of this project. 


Thank you!

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